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InHealth Pain Management Solutions

Everyone understands the concept of pain, as we have all at some stage experienced it. Often pain is temporary, perhaps the result of an accident or illness. It hurts all the same, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and short-term responses can see us through to full recovery. Sometimes, pain becomes persistent over time, through problems that cannot be remedied completely. This is known as ‘chronic pain’ and it can adversely affect every activity of daily living.

At InHealth Pain Management Solutions, we strive to deliver what our name suggests: a pain management solution to suit each patient’s condition. We work with the patient and their GP at the onset of a pain problem that is seen as long-term in nature. A tailored programme of pain management can help alleviate pain levels, putting each patient on the path to recovery. We support collaboration amongst clinicians, making specialist expertise more accessible, more quickly.