Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for patients

The health and safety of our patients and customers is our main priority. Your health is essential, and we are actively following guidance from the Department of Health, Public Health England to ensure you are kept safe and are not exposed to any risk. InHealth Pain Management Solutions is providing appointment via telephone and digital technology at this time.  Please do not travel to clinic, our team will contact you and arrange a telephone appointment to discuss your care. For general information about the Coronavirus please visit Any questions regarding your appointment please contact our dedicated team on 0800 066 2119

Activity and exercise

It is important to understand how essential exercise is for our general health. However, our natural urge to protect our body when in pain begins to limit our rehabilitation potential and makes things very difficult. We therefore recommend that you begin rehabilitation under the guidance of your general practitioner or physiotherapist so that you are not tempted to overdo it. However, gym exercise groups exist for low- or medium-level activity, tai chi or Pilates, aqua aerobics, or Yoga: all of which could be extremely useful for re-establishing your health and fitness.

Remember that your pain levels will increase initially – this is entirely normal and not associated with any tissue damage. Also, remember that the goal of exercise is to improve your physical and functional ability: not to get rid of your pain!

These videos show how other patients have taken to exercise.