Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for patients

The health and safety of our patients and customers is our main priority. Your health is essential, and we are actively following guidance from the Department of Health, Public Health England to ensure you are kept safe and are not exposed to any risk. InHealth Pain Management Solutions is providing appointment via telephone and digital technology at this time.  Please do not travel to clinic, our team will contact you and arrange a telephone appointment to discuss your care. For general information about the Coronavirus please visit Any questions regarding your appointment please contact our dedicated team on 0800 066 2119


You may be tempted, as many of us are, to ‘work through the pain’ to get jobs done that need to be done. The result is usually more pain later that day or for many days after. Unfortunately, this pattern (known as boom / bust) is not helpful for the body as we need consistent exercise to maintain our health and fitness.

Pacing is all about learning how to break tasks into smaller more manageable components and taking frequent breaks. If you have many tasks that must be completed through the day, have a think about their physical toll on your body. Try to pace them throughout the day rather than do them all in the morning for example.

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